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Joan Kroc Foundation Woman Peacemaker - 2009 

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S.E.R.R., a 501(c)3 nonprofit, works to build a culture of peace, promote education and action for reconciliation among peoples and for reconstruction of the social and material resources of society.

 OUR Executive Director:

 Reverend Marta Benavides


Board President:  Cheryl T. Desmond, Ph.D.

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Mission + Vision

SERR Delegation at the U. N.'s Commission on the Status of Women 60th Summit-March 2016Type Reverend Marta Benavides, Mrs. Elsy Comerota, Ms. Marilyn Weaver, Ms. Emily Stengel, Ms. Martha Harris, Dr. Tracey Weis, and Dr. Cheryl Desmondyour paragraph here.

S.E.R.R. is based in the United States and collaborates with other groups & organizations worldwide, working together for the common good, with a focus on El Salvador.

January 1997 - First of several intercultural & educational exchanges between U.S. & El Salvador.

August 2004 – SERR recognized as a 501(c)3 organization.

January 2005 - 2015 Museo Aja established in Santa Ana, El Salvador.  Ongoing support of initiatives in El Salvador: The Ecological House, The Permaculture Farm, Youth programs and mentorships, The XXIII Century Free University & programs, The Wisdom Institute on Indigenous Practices, Culture, & Art. 

October 2010 - U.S. Conference on People Discerning the Crisis

March 2005 - 2016 - Participation in United Nations processes, e.g. Financing for Development, Rio+20; Lima Climate Change Summit, Commission on the Status of Women, Forum on Indigenous Peoples, International Program on Aging, and the new Sustainable Development Goals.  Local observation of U.N. International Days. Programs, free and open to the public, in U.S. and El Salvador.

October 2016-2017- Millersville University/(MU)SERR program on Women Running for Political Office; MU/SERR program on the Doctrine of Discovery; MU/Ebenezer Baptist Church/SERR Middle School Girls Empowerment Summit.

November - December 2016:  Responses to post Presidential Election student actions on MU campus. Rally - Standing with Standing Rock Rally, Penn Square, Lancaster, PA. 

11/1/2017 - Jewish Family Services Program- Creating a Safe Environment for Diverse Populations - C. Desmond, moderator.

LINKS & Files  of importance and interest:


AFRICAN YOUNG WOMEN & GIRLS Statement: Our Rights, Our Future - 2014

(Young women's statement.pdf)




S.E.R.R. sponsors & lends support to programs that build a culture of peace, promote social and economic justice, and address issues of environmental sustainability.​